5 Tips for Getting Out the Best from Your Explainer Videos

Imagine you have invested in high-resolution cameras or hired the best video production company. Now you have quality explainer videos. But no increase in web traffic. No change in conversion rates. Your site production is as it was before embedding videos.

What might be the problem? Else, you have done your videos perfectly. However, they are still resting on your folders. You are not sure of the next step or where to upload them. Do not worry. A good percentage of entrants and veterans undergo the same challenges until they came across the following tips:

Write a post about your explainer video

What? Write about a video and the current generation are lazy readers? Well, even before you watch a movie or a film, you first read the reviews about it. You aim to know more about the video to decide whether it is worth it. If you didn’t know, writing about a video is one way of promoting it.

Everyone will love reading a text attached to a video and then go ahead watching it. As such, a post about your product and brand explainers will enhance their sharing and help you achieve their objectives – increasing sales and conversions.

Focus on passing information not selling

While driving sales is the main goal of uploading videos, the overall objective of explainers is to pass the message about your products. As you know, customers buy products depending on the information provided and its compatibility with their needs. Hence, if you provide them with essential information, they will buy without you telling them.

In this essence, you need to come up with a one-stop resource page that will contain essential information about your products and services. Here you can upload all your explainer videos. This way, the customers will be able to follow each of them as well as gain the information to make a purchase decision. Having this on mind we have found a great resource page for you to try and is: www.squareship.com/explainer/

Attach your explainers on press releases and newsletters

You have a new product that you are launching in the market. Or else, you are changing the packaging, prices, or brand names. To ensure your customers are always up to date with the proceedings, you ever issue a press release. This document is vital in enhancing your explainers’ productivity. 

Instead of sending full-text contents, you can attach a video explaining the innovations. Also, you can offer links to other explainer videos on your website. By doing so, you will stand out as a reliable seller. Customers will enhance their trust in you and your products. In the end, your sales will go up as well as the conversions.

Share them on all online marketing platforms

You know sharing is caring. The reason why a customer will buy from you is not that your marketing strategies are the best. A glimpse of care can be all you need to drive your sales to the next level. By sharing information about your products without using a selling tone, customers can consider you as a producer or business person who cares for their wellbeing.

Thus, they will pay back for your care through buying your products. Considering that explainer videos are a good way of avoiding the selling tone, having them on your site can enable you to achieve this objective.


As you can see, there are several ways of ensuring your explainer videos offer the best results for your business. When you write an article about them, you will have provided a review that will create a desire for watching it. Also, being informative than selling can bring your goose home. Hence, always ensure you follow these tips to achieve amicable success online.

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