Where to Host & Sell your eBooks Online

You’ve finished your eBook masterpiece. Now it’s time to get it on the market and start racking up those sales. Although you might be wondering: What’s the best platform for getting the best returns? Well to save you the trouble of searching any longer, below are three of the best platforms for hosting and selling your eBooks online.



Amazon is the biggest and most popular option for selling eBooks, and for good reason. Millions of readers use Amazon, with most only sticking to this platform for their eBook needs. It’s free to use for publishers. It’s easy to upload and edit your manuscript. And most importantly, your work will show up in their search engine. A strong launch means you’ll rank highly in your chosen subject, which could lead to long-lasting returns as your book will be found easily by potential customers.

So what’s the catch? Well, competition is fierce, to the point that your eBook might get lost in the crowd. And in terms of prices, you receive a 70% royalty fee for books sold between $2.99 and $9.99, and only 35% outside of this price range. Compared to other choices, this is far from the biggest returns overall.



Payhip is self-described as the “easiest way” to sell digital products. And it could well be right in its assertion. It provides marketing tools such as discount coupons, ‘buy now’ buttons to place elsewhere, and mailing lists. Analytic reports are provided. It’s easy to manage all of your products.

Sadly it doesn’t offer the potential promotional impact of using Amazon. You’re going to have to put in a lot of consistent legwork to get any significant returns. And while its low fee of 5% on each commission for a basic account is better than most, it’s also not the best. Speaking of which…

Your own website


Of all the options on this list, building your own website presents the most challenges. Yet if it’s done right, it also delivers the biggest rewards. You have to pick a web host. Set up a website. Advertise. And then advertise some more. Do all this effectively, however, and you don’t just get a slice of the eBook sales. You get to feast on the whole pie (small PayPal/card fees aside). In addition, a website means you have full creative control with its design and what direction to go with promotion – ideal aspects for those selling an affiliate-based eBook on a platform such as ClickBank.

All that said, choosing the right web hosting provider is vital. Slowness or instability will kill off sales before your webpage can load. Plus with so many web hosts available that promise the world for only a few bucks a month, it’s tricky to decipher which is the best fit. Although if you’re seeking a reputable choice that delivers both performance and affordability, GreenGeeks is a top pick. Their eco-friendly approach also combines with the sustainable nature of eBooks, which not only gives the environment a boost from a personal point of view, but it can also be used as a selling point for your customers.

and your products. In the end, your sales will go up as well as the conversions.

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