How to Create an eBook in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word has some amazing features that will make the process of creating an ebook quite easy. There are multiple styles you can use in the formatting and a referencing tool for creating the table of content. To make it even easier, you can come up with a design template that you can be using every time you want to create an ebook.

Here is the process you will follow when creating your ebook

Step 1: Create a new Word document

Step 2: Add a title page

On the title page, type your ebook’s title, the subtitle, and the author’s name. you can also include any other detail that you find necessary for this page.

Select the different texts and format them accordingly. For the title, use the heading 1 formatting, and for the subheading, use heading 2 formatting. If the appearance does not match what you want, you can change it using the available options.

Step 3: Create the table of contents

Using the page layout option, select page break to create a new page where you will create your table of content. You will click on the reference option, table of content, and then choose ‘insert table of content.

Step 4: Set up your eBook’s chapters

Using the page layout option, select page break and here is where you will begin creating your ebook’s content. When creating your content, ensure that all the heading are formatted using the heading 1 option and the subheadings using the heading 2 option. This will make it possible to capture them in the table of content.

Step 5: insert headers and footers

Inserting a header where you will indicate the ebook’s title on all pages and footer where you will indicate the page numbers will make your ebook more professional.

Once you complete, the first chapter, you will proceed to the next one until you complete your ebook. After you finish writing your ebook, you can choose to publish your ebook in form of PDF or convert is using an online downloadable converter.