Creating Explainer Videos

Start Creating Explainer Videos With Right Approach

Most explainer videos won’t make you money or bring visitors to your site. This is because you took the wrong approach to make it. However, there is nothing wrong with idea of explainer videos, but how you make it is more likely the approach- that we’re talking about.

Here’s how you should start creating an explainer video that’ll convert:

  1. Yes, it’s all about the Words, Not the Video

Rather than focusing on video quality, one should consider that script is the most important part of explainer videos. Most people assume that high video quality video capture viewers’ attention more. But, if the script isn’t good, video won’t convert well.

The right approach ­Attempt to write script of explainer video by yourself to boost conversions.  You know your business more than any video production company, or the pain points your customers are facing.  In a short product explainer video, you need to answer all customers’ questions and concerns. By doing so, you’ll see increase in conversions and improved sales.

  1. Things to do before you write a script

Before you dig into writing script, you need to do following things:

Survey your readers. Ask your potential customers about their issues. Such as, what they like to see on this site? What are the reasons keeping away from buying? What issues they face while using this product or service?

Though getting answers of all above questions, you can get better idea of how to create a better script. Also, it will help you create much better explainer video, and show your customers how easy your product is to use in actual.

  1. Write a script

Next step that comes is to write a script. Try to pen down your script that is no longer than 2-3 minutes. Else, it will lose customer’s attention. The introduction slide of your company should be short and sweet. From, carefully articulating the problem that user is facing; go into why you created your product or service. Show off your product’s features as it will help customers to see how certain features have ability to solve their problems.

  1. Hire someone to do voice-over

Hire a professional voice-over for your explainer video. There are various platforms available such as Craig’s List where you find it for free or under $50.

  1. Find someone to produce your video

Again, you can either go for professional video production company to create your explainer video or you can hire freelancers. Its obvious freelancers will do it in less time and cost. On the other hand, specialized big companies charge more for video, and take up to a few months to complete it.